COPS 8 is a non-profit organization dedicated to the 8th District Police Officers in New Orleans. The 8th District is a high density, high needs area that consists of New Orleans’ most historic neighborhoods, including the French Quarter, the Marigny Triangle, the Marigny Rectangle and the Central Business District.  COPS 8 members consist of residents, business owners, employees and patrons of the 8th District.

In 2002 a group of concerned, appreciative citizens who wanted to show gratitude to those who protect and serve the community, formed an alliance with the 8th District New Orleans Police to establish support and mutual understanding between the officers and the community.

Since COPS 8 inception, hundreds have joined in the mission: “to support and improve the quality of life for our 8th District Officers, which in turn enhances the security and safety of all 8th District citizens.”

Did you know???

The City of New Orleans does NOT supply any of the following items to the 8th District Station — or to ANY NOPD District Station. The 8th District Officers must turn to the public to acquire these and other items:

• Segways, golf carts, scooters, helmets, repairs and supplies
• Computers, printers, fax machines, inkjet cartridges
• Office furniture, lamps, light bulbs
• Air conditioners
• Station renovations such as wall paint or new flooring



President                                 Kenneth Caron     Ken@cops8.org

Vice-President                        Gary Williams     Gary@cops8.org

Recording Secretary               Betsy Fabry     Betsy@cops8.org

Treasurer                                  Robert Armstrong     Robert@cops8.org

Membership Secretary          Nancy Harrell     Nancy@cops8.org

Board Members                     Orlando Aloe     Orlando@cops8.org

                                                   Jeff Bromberger     Jeff@cops8.org

                                                   Joey Difatta     JoeyDifatta@cops8.org

                                                   Albin Guillot     Albin@cops8.org

                                                   Mel Kossover     Mel@cops8.org

                                                   Eileen Loh     EileenLoh@cops8.org

                                                   Tammy Nestoroff     Tammy@cops8.org

                                                   Cynthia Swope     CynthiaSwope@cops8.org

                                                   Cecile Tebo     Cecile@cops8.org

Legal Affairs Advisor              Michael Elias     MElias@cops8.org

Administrative Director        B.B. St. Roman     BB@cops8.org

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