Here are a number of links to help connect you to some useful services in the New Orleans area:


NOLA 311 for Non Emergency Service Requests

Currently, NOLA 311 handles the following types of requests:

  • City Assisted Evacuation registration
  • Code Enforcement complaints
  • DPW Maintenance: manhole cover maintenance, pothole/roadway surface repair, road shoulder repair, sidewalk repair (public property), and street flooding/drainage issues
  • DPW Parking: abandoned vehicles
  • DPW Traffic: street lights, street signs, traffic signs, traffic signals, and road surface marking
  • Sanitation: dead animal pickup, illegal dumping, large item pickup, trash/garbage pickup, residential recycling

NOLA 311 will continue to integrate additional departments and services. 311 customer service agents can assist callers with contacting city departments such as Finance, Safety and Permits, Mosquito and Termite Control, as well as a number of other departments.

Dial 311 (from any phone based in New Orleans) or Email:


NOLA Ready

Sign up for NOLA Ready, the City’s emergency alert system, at:


8th District Police

Follow the 8th District NOPD on Facebook:

Watch crime videos on the 8th District You Tube Channel:

To subscribe to the 8th District You Tube Channel, watch a detailed tutorial on how to subscribe at:

If you have a Quality of Life complaint or concern, contact our 8th District Quality of Life Officer Shereese Harper at or 504-218-6117

If you would like more information on safety tips, presentations or would like the police to participate in a community meeting or event, contact Sergeant Jonette Williams at or 504-239-0356.



To shop for Security Cameras and view VCC Regulations: and

To register your surveillance camera(s):

For more information on SafeCams8, send an email to Robert Simms at or Larry Lane at

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